Chef Curtis Stone’s Brunch Tips

We love food! Adore it! And want to eat better and more unique food all of the time. When chefs shed a little light on their secret recipes, yes, we definitely soak them up and share them with you.

Here are Chef Curtis Stone’s (you know, the host of Top Chef Masters) brunch tips. You know what we’re particularly keen about? Turning juiced fruits into bellinis and mimosas! Oh, yes. Works for us.

Curtis’ Brunch Tips        

Bagel Prosciutto Eggs1. For the freshest, fluffiest pancakes and waffles, prepare batters just before cooking. If the batter sits too long, it will start to ferment, giving these breakfast goodies a sour flavor.

2.  Outdo O.Jby juicing other fruits that are in season. Summer peaches and raspberries make delicious nectars that you can drink alone or turn into bellinis and mimosas.

3.  Most of us show up hungry for brunch, so put out a fruit platter, some yogurt and granola, or a spread of smoked salmon and bagels for your guests to nibble on when they arrive.


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