[Giveaway Inside] Don’t Miss a Fashion or Beauty Sale With Hipiti

Hipiti LogoIt is nearly impossible to stay abreast of sales from your favorite lifestyle and beauty brands unless you click through all of your emails and read through the fliers they send in the mail. And even then, you’re bound to miss one or two sales. And, of course, you’ll miss the really big sale where you can actually afford to buy the dress you’ve been eying for four months.

If you need a little organization in your life to save money from your favorite retailers you should definitely join Hipiti. It’s free, easy to use, and just makes sense.

[Keep reading: there’s a giveaway after the jump]


When you join Hipiti you can choose up to 15 retailers whose sales you want to keep up with. On our list: J Jill, J Crew, Macys, Atleta, Bliss, Bloomingdales and a few others. Every day your personal dashboard will update with the current sales from your selected retailers. For example, today there’s a denim sale at Bloomingdales and we can save 25% on any purchase at J Crew for the next three days.

Hipiti Screenshot
We love that the dashboard is simple and easy to view. We love that the retailers aren’t all jumbled into one mess of sales. Rather all of the sales are categorized for each retailer. We love that we get a simple email reminder about the current sales that are going on, too.

Hipiti makes catching a sale simple and effective. Everyone loves a sale and absolutely hates missing one. Hipiti just makes sale-shopping techie and easy!

Now, for the giveaway! Join Hipiti from now through March 31 and be automatically entered to win $100 to any one of Hipiti’s 150 retailers. If we weren’t members already, we’d join — pronto!


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