Fly to England, Get a Free Two-Night Hotel Stay

VISITBRITAIN DAN STEVENS AND ESTELLEThere is really nothing quite like flying across the pond and landing in merry ole England. London, anytime of the year, makes for a delightful visit. And there is even more to explore in the rest of the country. We are clamoring to visit the English countryside and to see Scotland one of these days.

This weekend British Airways and VisitBritain teamed up in New York City to create a pop-up shop promoting a fantastic travel deal that is going on through the end of March. More about that in a bit.

Hosted by Estelle and Dan Stevens the pop-up shop showed off what’s hip and happening in England, Scotland, and Wales. Called “The Big British Invite” England is inviting New Yorkers to explore the country in new and exciting ways and to break out of the typical tourist circles. There is much to discover in England, even if American tourists tend to stay put in London and marvel at its architecture, narrow, cobblestone streets, and storied tourist attractions. It’s time to see more!


The travel deal: If you book a flight with BritishAirways now through March 31, 2013 you will receive two free hotel nights in England. Nice deal! Here are the hotel options. British Airways flies 12 times a day from New York City to London. You have many flight options to choose from as well as a variety of cabins for a comfortable transatlantic flight.

Want to learn more about the offer? Visit


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