Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts Celebrate Mother’s Day

Swisshotel Berlin

Art in the Swissôtel Berlin. Photo: Mom Bloggers Club

When you want luxury accommodations the Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts do not disappoint. We loved a recent stay at the Swissôtel Berlin. Our room was magnificent, they showed TV programming in English (a must-have when your body clock is off and you need something to do in the wee morning hours European time), they had top-notch room service, and the service was impeccable. Continue reading


Thank You for the Shout-Out, Affinia Hotels!

If you read our blog you know we love Affinia Hotels. We were thrilled to see such a nice mention of a recent post about the Affinia Dumont on their Facebook page. We really do think they’re great!

Photo: Affinia Hotels

Fly to England, Get a Free Two-Night Hotel Stay

VISITBRITAIN DAN STEVENS AND ESTELLEThere is really nothing quite like flying across the pond and landing in merry ole England. London, anytime of the year, makes for a delightful visit. And there is even more to explore in the rest of the country. We are clamoring to visit the English countryside and to see Scotland one of these days.

This weekend British Airways and VisitBritain teamed up in New York City to create a pop-up shop promoting a fantastic travel deal that is going on through the end of March. More about that in a bit.

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San Fran Hotel Offers Free Foli Magazine App for Guests

If there is one antiquated service hotels are still hanging onto is placing copies of USA Today at guests’ doors every morning of their stay. We’ve even stayed at hotels where they charge you a fee if you request not to receive a newspaper. It drives us crazy. Who reads printed newspapers anymore? Don’t hotels know how messy they are?

Inn at the Presidio

That’s why we love when hotels smarten up and provide guests with electronic options for reading material. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t mind a local magazine on a side table. Other than that, we can pull everything up on our iPads and with Windows 8, our laptops are just as useful for reading and swiping our favorite glossies.

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Family Stay at the Affinia Dumont in New York City

When traveling, especially with older children, it’s far easier to stay in hotels with suites. That way everyone has their own space even on a mini vacation.

We recently had a great experience at the Affinia Dumont on East 34th Street in New York City and wanted to share. Note, this was not a comped stay. We loved it so much we wanted to give the Dumont some love.

While we have stayed at the Affinia Dumont before, we didn’t know they had suites. The Dumont one and two bedroom suites with a full kitchen that includes a dish washer, microwave, oven, refrigerator (with a mini bar), plates, glasses, cutlery, utensils, and even a cutting board. Having a suite with a full kitchen is really convenient because it helps you cut down on the cost of eating out in New York which adds up really quickly if you don’t watch yourself. You can shop at a nearby grocery store or corner deli and get everything you need and fix your meals back at the hotel.

One of the things we love about the Affinia Dumont’s suites is the sheer size of the living space. It was huge with a great view of the river. We hate being cramped in tiny New York City hotel rooms, but the Affinia provides a lot of space for its guests,

Even though the suite was huge it was by no means expensive. In fact, Affinia Hotels run sales and specials all of the time with rates that are far below most Manhattan hotel prices making it a great stay for a family or group who would like to share the cost of a hotel, but have plenty of room to stretch out.

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A Luxury Stay in Ethiopia at the Haile Resort

Haile ResortIf you love traveling to Africa you will not be disappointed with a leisurly stay at the Haile Resort located on pristine Lake Hawassa in Ethiopia.

Traveling to Ethiopia from the United States is a very simple jaunt. From Washington, DC you can travel non-stop direct to Addis Ababa, a convenience brought about due to DC’s huge Ethiopian population. Ethiopian Air provides a comfortable 13-hour flight from North America to Africa with full service meals, plenty of wine, and enough movies, TV shows, and music to keep anyone occupied. A part of the Star Alliance group, don’t forget to get your miles when traveling to Ethiopia.

Lobby - Haile Resort

When you walk into the Haile Resort lobby you are immediately transported to a world of luxury and beauty and comfortable environs. The show-stopper? Lake Hawassa, a gorgeous, shimmering body of fresh water located in Africa’s Rift Valley that provides a home to wildlife from hippos to African waterfowl!

Lake Awassa

Nature in Africa is bigger, more expansive and more beautiful than most places you’ll ever visit in the world. The continent’s beauty deserves better adjectives, but it’s sheer wonder and allure make tourists of all stripes and nationalities spout simple words and phrases  like, “Wow” and “Oh, my goodness. It’s beautiful”!

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