A Luxury Stay in Ethiopia at the Haile Resort

Haile ResortIf you love traveling to Africa you will not be disappointed with a leisurly stay at the Haile Resort located on pristine Lake Hawassa in Ethiopia.

Traveling to Ethiopia from the United States is a very simple jaunt. From Washington, DC you can travel non-stop direct to Addis Ababa, a convenience brought about due to DC’s huge Ethiopian population. Ethiopian Air provides a comfortable 13-hour flight from North America to Africa with full service meals, plenty of wine, and enough movies, TV shows, and music to keep anyone occupied. A part of the Star Alliance group, don’t forget to get your miles when traveling to Ethiopia.

Lobby - Haile Resort

When you walk into the Haile Resort lobby you are immediately transported to a world of luxury and beauty and comfortable environs. The show-stopper? Lake Hawassa, a gorgeous, shimmering body of fresh water located in Africa’s Rift Valley that provides a home to wildlife from hippos to African waterfowl!

Lake Awassa

Nature in Africa is bigger, more expansive and more beautiful than most places you’ll ever visit in the world. The continent’s beauty deserves better adjectives, but it’s sheer wonder and allure make tourists of all stripes and nationalities spout simple words and phrases  like, “Wow” and “Oh, my goodness. It’s beautiful”!

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